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About our company

«Group of Industrial Technologies» (GIT) is a modern and fast growing system integrator in the field of communication and security for industrial enterprises and urban infrastructure.

Years of experience allow specialists of GIT to develop and maintain complex projects in the sector of Energy, Transport, Metallurgy and Oil and Gas industry. The successful implementation of complex projects is based on the accumulated valuable experience, as well as on the professional choice of effective solutions that are flexible to adapt to the specific needs of the industry and a particular customer.

The product range provided by GIT includes well-known European brands of high quality and reliability.

Complex solutions in the field of industrial telecomunication and security
Engineering and implementation of projects based on telecomunication equipment for industrial enterprices and urban infrastructure.

INDUSTRONIC — Industronic is a leading global manufacturer of industrial communication systems. The company was founded in 1964 with the headquarters in Wertheim (Germany) and at the meantime has a network of around 50 certified partners and representatives all over the world. Industronic gained popularity among professionals due to its flexible technical solutions, durability, convenience and ease of operation.

Key features:
  • wide range of equipment for different tasks in the field of industrial communication;
  • ability to integrate with security and communication systems of other manufacturers;
  • operation in harsh industrial and weather conditions;
  • compliance with European standards;
  • guarantee of emergency situations prevention and preservation of human and material resources;
  • European quality.

 MEDC — MEDC is an acknowledged leader in the field of alarm, signal, control and notification since 1975. MEDC equipment represents the loudspeakers and alarms, explosion-proof, flameproof and weatherproof equipment. It is used in industrial areas with severe conditions, both offshore and onshore. Such areas include, above all, oil and gas, chemical and metallurgical industries.
MEDC, being a part of Cooper Industries Holding, has production facilities in 23 countries and more than 25,000 employees worldwide. Through its vast gloval presence, technical and engineering experts, MEDC meets the demanding standarts and requirements.

Key features:
  • high level of explosion protection and operation in harsh weather conditions;
  • variety of solutions for all fields of industry;
  • compatibility with all security and warning systems;
  • international certificates, ensuring compliance with all standards;
  • European quality.

 TESLA — is one of the world's leading manufacturers of telecommunication systems and special purpose devices (for the hearing-impaired people, test telephone sets). The company was founded in Czechoslovakia in 1960. Tesla equipment is intended for automatic telephone communication indoors and at the industrial enterprises with difficult working conditions and potentially explosive environment; resistant to vibration and shock, harsh climatic conditions, the impact of sea water and alkaline solutions.

Key features:
  • functioning in different weather conditions;
  • minimum infrastructure requirements to build a telecommunication system;
  • resistance to adverse external conditions;
  • high level of protection;
  • European quality.

 Hörmann — Hörmann is an emergency siren warning systems manufacturer with more than half a century history. The company was founded in 1955 in Munich (Germany). The product is intended to protect lifes and minimise the risk of damage the property, equipment, infrustructure and the economy. Such systems have social and political significance and are within the competence of state structures.

Key features:

  • early warning notifications;
  • guarantee of functioning in all weather conditions and negative environmental effects;
  • online monitoring of all system components.

 Infratec — InfraTec GmbH was founded in 1991 in Dresden (Germany). The company offers a wide range of high quality innovative products and services in the field of industrial infrared surveillance, primarily for use in metallurgical enterprises.

InfraTec GmbH specializes in engineering and manufacturing of thermal imaging systems for automated non-contact temperature control in order to solve various problems of technological control of the company. Modular approach to system configuration allows the optimal settings for the particular technological applications.

Key features:
  • wide range of infrared sensors;
  • wide range of infrared cameras and accessories;
  • guarantee of functioning by all weather conditions;
  • European quality.

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